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March is Mirror Month!
15% off all in-stock and custom mirrors

Do You Need a Mirror?

There are so many benefits to incorporating a mirror in your décor!

Mirrors make small spaces feel larger, add variety to plain walls, increase light in dark areas, reflect the beauty of a fine piece of furniture, bring a lackluster room to life,
and serve as a functional appearance-check as you walk out the door.
A custom framed mirror is the perfect addition to almost any décor.


If you choose a mirror with a beveled edge, make the mirror large enough
so that the edge does not interrupt the main reflection.

Only use one large mirror per room.
Too many reflections can be visually confusing.

Avoid small ‘face only’ mirrors – save the small mirrors for trays.

A mirror should take up ½ to ¾ of the viewable wall space
if it is not bundled with other wall décor items.
Balance your positive and negative space.

For tight areas like bathrooms, measure your maximum available space
and make sure your framer knows your size limitation.


Mirrors are heavy and difficult to transport and hang properly and safely.
Let us help! We would love to deliver and hang your mirror for you!
Ask us for details

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